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Hotel Audit Plan V.01 pdf 8064 Download
Cost Control Report xls 5396 Download
recipes cost zip 4789 Download
Budget Summery xls 3454 Download
Monthly p& l statement xls 3298 Download
cash flow Statement xls 3141 Download
Hotel Financial Statement xls 3509 Download
Hotel Chart Of Accounts & Dimentions xls 3756 Download
Yield management Statistics xls 1906 Download
NPV Net Present Value & IRR Internal Rate Of Return Calc xls 1678 Download
Capital Lease JV xls 1691 Download
Regression Analysis xls 1642 Download
Menu Engineering xls 1872 Download

Rules & Policies
House keeping Policy pdf 13365 Download
Financial Management Policy pdf 3447 Download
Food & Beverage Policy pdf 4063 Download
Front Office Policy pdf 3322 Download
POMIC Policy pdf 2453 Download
Sales & Marketing Policy pdf 3284 Download

Feasibility Studies
Cyber Internet Cafe pdf 5097 Download

Document Forms
Banquet function Sheet doc 2389 Download
Credit Application doc 2065 Download
General Cashier Daily Report xls 2491 Download
Bill Collection jpg 2341 Download
Bin Card jpg 3176 Download
Captain Order jpg 2944 Download
Cash Receipt FO jpg 2332 Download
Cashier Envelop jpg 2064 Download
cheque deposit record jpg 2190 Download
Treasury Cash Flow Record jpg 11098 Download
Complimenty Request Form jpg 2248 Download
Drop Safe Log Record jpg 2203 Download
Food & Beverage Check jpg 2276 Download
Payement Request jpg 2068 Download
Petty Cash jpg 2078 Download
Purchase Order jpg 2224 Download
Purchase Request jpg 2247 Download
Receiving Records jpg 1999 Download
Shift Cash Flow Handover jpg 2117 Download
Store Requsition jpg 2231 Download
vegetable Order Form jpg 2076 Download
JV’s Hotel Checklist xls 1989 Download

Hotel Booking Distribution Network 2 Way XML jpg 2143 Download