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Hospitality Consulting

Feasability Study
Our approach incorporates a detailed evaluation of the proposed location, hotel supply and demand trends. Relying on our experience and know how, hotel benchmark data and market information, we forecast financial efficiency of the hotel operation. Then, the overall financial forecasts are related back to the level of capital investment required. Our hotel feasibility studies incorporate the following research and analyses:
  • Market analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Financial analysis and forecast
  • Investment considerations
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Recommendations

Negotiating Hotel Management Contracts

Before the search for an appropriate operator begins, ownership’s investmentobjectives must be clearly defined. Is the intent to maintain ownership of the asset What are ownership’s investment criteria and return expectations, including the minimum and target hurdle rates? Depending upon
the strategy chosen for the asset, owners may need to limit or broaden their searchfor a suitable operator accordingly
  • Owner Investment Strategy
  • Creating a Competitive Environment
  • Identify Key Players-Timing
  • Research Viable Candidates
  • Request for Proposal- Review LOU Responses
  • Management Agreement Provisions: Key Points Checklist
  • Interview Finalists
  • Final and Best Offers
  • Review Legal Document
  • Modeify - Final Agreemen

Create Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP )
 procedural manual puts the company policies in black and white You can create a standard operating procedure to set a uniform code of response to any foreseen situation. Standard operating procedure, or SOP, is a term used to describe a series of actions sanctioned by an authoritative body. Manuals of standard operating procedures increase policy compliance by providing training materials and an on-site reference guide. Research each situation fully to create a standard operating procedure that reduces overall risk while increasing customer loyalty and employee satisfaction
  • Write down the situation for which you are creating a standard
  • Interview company authorities
  • Create a multi-faceted standard operating procedure
  • Discuss the proposed standard operating procedure with some or all of the people it will effect
  • Type and print out a rough draft of the step-by-step standard operating procedure
  • Collect the revised versions of the SOP. Review remarks and make the appropriate changes
  • Run the final draft of the standard operating procedure by the management before printing
  • Print Final SOP