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Branding & Marketing

Social Media
If you’ve ever asked your hotel guests how they heard about your hotel, “from friends or family” is always one of the most common answers. Social media is an incredibly powerful way to encourage word of mouth and increase the reach of recommendations. As such, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ can pay substantial dividends for hotels.
Assisting your in-house team, we can add content, respond to enquiries and implement campaigns that will engage with your fans and followers. We will develop a social media strategy for your hotel that will deliver tangible results in the following areas:
  • Increased subscriptions (follows/likes) – extending your reach.
  • Increased engagement – building genuine connections.
  • Increased loyalty – cultivating strong relationships.
  • Improved customer service – using your profiles as a listening tool.
  • Increased recommendations – delivering shareable content.
  • Increased sales – offering exclusive, measurable sales incentives

Online Travel Agent Management
There are two schools of thought about Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs): you either love them or you hate them. Either way, it's undeniable, selling rooms on OTAs provides another channel to boost occupancy and increase revenue. However, getting the balance right is complicated; only careful management will avoid over-dependency and maximize profit margins.
We work with hoteliers who recognize that OTAs can drive new customers to their brand. We ensure that their listings can be found easily and bookings can be made profitably. Then, in the long-term, we put strategies in place to encourage direct bookings and repeat visits.
We offer complete OTA management – as an extension to your team – or training, mentoring and support for your front-of-house team. We have developed strong relationships with the most influential OTAs and will use our extensive knowledge of hospitality marketing to improve your hotel’s ranking. Depending on what your hotel requires, we can help by:
  • Recommending the best sites and portals for your individual hotel.
  • Setting up contracts and dealing with all the detail.
  • Managing your channel distribution alongside customer segmentation.
  • Growing your online revenue.
  • Managing your availability.
  • Practicing rate parity.
  • Creating tactical offers.
  • Researching and analyzing competitors' pricing structures and distribution.
  • Generating demand.
  • Gaining market share. 
  • Communicating with Account Managers.
  • Developing strategies to increase reviews.

Online Reputation Management

According to TripAdvisor statistics, over 70% of travellers begin their travel search on their website. For hotels that monitor and respond to TripAdvisor reviews, it’s a huge influencer that drives bookings. However, releasing the potential of your online reviews takes time and dedication.
The digital world is having an increasingly significant impact on hoteliers' daily workload. If you think back just a few years, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), social media and TripAdvisor didn’t even exist. Today, however, managers are expected to effectively monitor all these portals and more.  
Our experienced team of hospitality specialists and ex-hoteliers will ensure you stay abreast of your online reviews by:
  • Monitoring guest comments.
  • Preparing management responses for your approval.
  • Analysing activity, performance, competitor results and trends. 
  • Developing strategies to increase reviews and boost ranking.

Design and Print

It may be obvious but good design is crucial. Not pretentious or clever for the sake of being clever but clean, stylish and honest.
What we design for you will be eye-catching and reflect what makes your establishment quintessentially you.
Here are some ideas of the things we can do, though really the options are limited only by your imagination:
  • Menus
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Sales presenters
  • Internal communications
  • Newsletters
  • In-room/on-table collateral

Branding Identity

Here are two issues that are critical to business success, yet all too often they are overlooked.Maybe this is your chance to gain that all-important competitive advantage.
Brand identity & managementBrand management is not about having a smart logo and a glossy brochure, though that can be part of it. Rather, it is about what your customers think of you, what expectations they have and what you do to influence those views.
Responding to the specific needs of your business, whether you are just starting or well-established, we can undertake an objective review of the issues that effect your customers’ attitudes and, most importantly, their decision to buy. We can then devise a tailor-made package of measures to support the development of your brand, and your bottom line.